MHDP: Affiliated Organizations

Below are a list of organizations affiliated with the Mapping Historical Dialogue Project. The Mapping Historical Dialogue Project (MHDP) welcomes affiliations with organizations interested in participating in the development of the project. The goal of the MHDP is to establish an online interactive geographical map that identifies and documents projects addressing the memory of historical violence or the impact that this memory has on contemporary societies. The project is open access, and its scholarship and resources are available to the public. The specific scope of cooperation with affiliate organizations will be developed based on shared interests, capacities and relevance for both organizations and their work in conflict transformation, dealing with the past, and relating to the challenges facing conflict and post-­conflict societies that are grappling with the memory of mass violence.

Affiliated Organizations:

EUROM: European Observatory on Memories (University of Barcelona)

Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research (Member of the Leibniz Association)

Right to Truth, Truth(s) through Rights: Mass Crimes Impunity and Transitional Justice (Law Faculty, University of Geneva)