Informational Databases

Transitional Justice in Brazil
“Transitional Justice in Brazil” is a blog supported by the CELT program at Tulane University and administered by Professors Rebecca Atencio and Nina Schneider and Tulane undergraduates Allison Fisher, Engram Wilkinson, and Robyn Smith.

Transitional Justice Database Project
A global data base of over 900 mechanisms (trials, truth commissions, amnesties, reparations, and lustration policies) used from 1970-2007. The main task of the project is to better understand how these mechanisms are used and whether they work, with the ultimate goal of improving policy.

Memoria Viva
Memoria Viva is a digital archive which seeks to implement local and transcontinental networking communications to campaign against human rights abuses in Chile and Latin America. Additionally, it maintains an information center which documents the human rights violations during the military dictatorship in Chile, with a particular focus towards the disappeared and executed political prisoners.

Memory & Justice Website
Run by the International Center for Transitional Justice, this website aims to provide “a public space to debate and discuss how to memorialize past human rights abuse so that it will never again occur.” Discussions include topics such as “Do multiple narratives enhance or hinder a memorial’s meaning?” and “Should a site’s original elements be preserved at all costs?” See the resources section for links to relevant articles and websites.

Justice in Perspective
A website that provides updates and resources on truth commissions and “alternative forms of inquiry into the past.” This is an excellent first resource for the various truth commissions, past and present, across the globe.

Online Encyclopaedia of Mass Violence
A peer-reviewed online resource documenting acts of mass violence from different regions and different periods in history. See the sections “Scholarly Reviews” and “Theoretical Papers” for overviews of theoretical and methodological developments in this area of study.

Insight on Conflict
An up-to-date resource that provides information on peacebuilding organisations in current areas of conflict such as Palestine, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, etc.

International Justice Tribune
A bi-weekly online magazine of Radio Netherlands Worldwide on international criminal justice. See their blog and subscribe to their monthly newspaper for updates.

Memory at War
This blog is part of the transnational and transdisciplinary project Memory at War: Cultural Dynamics in Poland, Russia, and Ukraine. The blog seeks to serve as an interactive site for students and scholars across disciplines who are interested in ‘controversies of memory’ and the cultural practices of mourning and commemoration in Eastern Europe.

Open Democracy Russia
OpenDemocracy Russia publishes high quality news analysis, debates and blogs about the world and the way we govern ourselves. openDemocracy is committed to human rights and democracy. We aim to ensure that marginalised views and voices are heard. We believe facilitating argument and understanding across geographical boundaries is vital to preventing injustice.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada has a mandate to learn the truth about what happened in the residential schools and to inform all Canadians about what happened in the schools. The Commission will document the truth of what happened by relying on records held by those who operated and funded the schools, testimony from officials of the institutions that operated the schools, and experiences reported by survivors, their families, communities and anyone personally affected by the residential school experience and its subsequent impacts.

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