Colorado adopts resolution in remembrance of the Armenian Genocide (April 2017)

On April 27th, 2017, the Colorado State Legislature adopted a resolution declaring April 26th “Colorado Day of Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide”. The resolution was crafted by the Armenians of Colorado and the Armenian National Committee of America. The resolution states, “[t]hat we express support for efforts toward constructive and durable relations between the country of Armenia, the homeland for the Armenian people, and its neighbors, based upon acknowledgement of the facts and ongoing consequences of the Armenian genocide, and a fair, just, and comprehensive international resolution of this crime against humanity”. The Armenian Genocide lasted between 1915-1923, during which approximately 1.5 million Armenians were persecuted by the Ottoman Empire. Raphael Lemkin is credited with first penning the term “genocide” and later contributed to the creation of the Genocide Convention as a response to violence against the Armenian people.

The resolution can be found here.