Commemoration of the Ombaci massacre day – 24th June 2015

Shared by the Refugee Law Project

Today, 24th June 2015, we join the communities in West Nile in remembering the Ombaci massacre victims in solidarity with the survivors in an annual commemoration of the OMBACI MASSACRE DAY. The theme for this year’s celebration is “Remembering the Victims to Promote Healing and Reconciliation.”

As part of the events to commemorate this day, Refugee Law Project participated in an evening vigil yesterday 23rd June at Ombaci mission as a precursor for today’s memorial service celebration. During the vigil an RLP video documentary (yet to be launched) titled “Remembering a Tragedy” was screened and survivors shared their experiences and memories. Critical in the vigil were calls for acknowledgement, reparation, healing and the need for reconciliation.

The Ombaci massacre took place on 24th June 1981, following the overthrow of Idi Amin’s government and ensuring rebellion by the Uganda National Rescue Front (UNRF) against the victorious Uganda National Liberation Army (UNLA) in the Obote II government, claiming the lives of close to 100 people, and leaving many wounded.

We shall share with you details of this event and its significance in the pursuit of peace, justice, healing and reconciliation in the region and beyond.

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