CFP: Series on Transitional Justice, Intersentia Publishers

Series on Transitional Justice, Intersentia Publishers
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The Series on Transitional Justice was established in 2007 with the aim to offer a scientific platform for high-quality research in the rapidly growing field of transitional and post-conflict justice. The research is always interdisciplinary by nature, including law, political science, sociology, history, criminology, anthropology, and psychology, and specialised study fields as human rights, victimology, and peace studies. The series is international in outlook, involving the widest number of countries, regions and cultures of the world.

The General Editors are Stephan Parmentier, University of Leuven (sociology of law, criminology, and human rights), Jeremy Sarkin, University of South Africa (law, human rights, transitional justice) and Elmar G.M. Weitekamp, University of Tuebingen (criminology, victimology, and restorative justice).