CFP: Genocide Studies International (Deadline: October 2015)

Genocide Studies International is inviting prospective authors to submit manuscripts to be reviewed for a special issue on the political economy of genocide.  Among the many issues/problems is the fact that it has barely been touched in the literature.  Another is the wide range of definitions of political economy–all the way from rational choice theorists to Marxist critiques of capitalism.  Among the many issues we wish to address are:

How do you define political economy?  Do you use a narrow, political science conceptualization or do you branch out to critical theory?

What issues do you address to illustrate the topic and what parts of the world do you examine?

How do you treat the influence of multinational corporations?   There is a dark history here that goes back to the Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust.  For example, as documented in  Charles Higham, TRADING WITH THE ENEMY:  THE NAZI-AMERICAN MONEY PLOT:  1933-1949,  US corporations, National City Bank, Chase,Exxon, Ford, GM, ITT,  etc. supported Nazi in various ways even through the war.

Do you ever examine the relationship between external debt and the destruction if indigenous people which was hypothesized or the impact of land use and moving indigenous people from the land as in the amazon?

What about global climate change and scarcity?

In short, we hope to receive analysis of a broad range of issues relating to the political economy of genocide.  Three scholars will review all manuscripts and decisions on publication will be made as quickly as possible.  We would like manuscripts and inquiries to be submitted to:

Deadline for receipt of manuscripts is:  October 2015.