CFP: Soul Wounds: Trauma and Healing across Generations (Deadline 2/15/15)

CFP: Soul Wounds: Trauma and Healing across Generations
Deadline: February 15, 2015
Dates: June 4-6, 2015
Location: Stanford University


We welcome contributions from (but not limited to):

Anthropology – History – Sociology – Literature – Art – Theater – Medicine – Political Science – Community Activism – Counseling – Journalism – Science

Now accepting paper proposals on:

Multigenerational legacies of genocide, slavery, and exile Trauma and healing as historical processes Epigenetics of trauma and recovery New research on treating PTSD Cultural healing through narrative and art Community impact of environmental devastation and recover Humanitarian intervention during and after mass trauma Secondary trauma and the media

Neither trauma nor community are imagined, but have biological and social realities. The soul wounds of atrocities are seated in body and community as well as in spirit, and cultural healing is crucial to collective recovery. The conflicts of the distant past continue to affect us, as descendants struggle with inherited injury and structural injustice. Scientists, humanists, and activists can work together to heal our collective hurts through cultural insight, scientific discovery, and humanitarian aid. Join us for a three-day conference on research and action.

Proposals due February 15th

Please submit a paper title and 300-word proposal to