Alleged Rwandan War Criminal Wins Deportation Delay

Alleged Rwandan War Criminal Wins Deportation Delay

By SONJA DECHIAN | Published: JANUARY 16, 2012

A former Rwandan politician accused of inciting genocide is fighting to stay in Canada, claiming he will face torture or death if he returns to Rwanda.

Rwanda has issued a warrant for the arrest of Léon Mugesera, 59, for making a ‘virulent’speech urging Hutus to kill Tutsis. The extradition process has been drawn out due to numerous appeals.

The Quebec City resident was admitted to hospital last week after a Federal Court ruled against his final attempt to remain in Canada. On release, he was sent to immigration detention to await deportation and a Supreme Court granted him a one week reprieve, until January 20.

He is expected to continue to fight his deportation. Mugesera has lived in Quebec for nearly 20 years with his wife and two children.

Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has said, ‘our fair legal system has determined he is here illegally, that he is guilty of serious war crimes, and that he has to face justice in his country of origin. This fellow has had the advantage of every level of appeal including the Supreme Court of Canada. At some stage, we actually have to remove war criminals and stop talking about doing it.’

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