News Round Up: Palestinian Books, Africa’s Journalists, Football and More

News  Round Up: Palestinian Books, Africa’s Journalists, Football and More

By SONJA DECHIAN | Published: NOVEMBER 12, 2011
A quick round up of some interesting features and opinions from across the Internet this week:-
  • Al Jazeera TV’s feature on investigative journalists in Africa begins this week with ‘What Price the Story,’ a piece by veteran African journalist Sorious Samura. Eleven years ago Samura was arrested and tortured in Liberia while uncovering a story about Charles Taylor, the country’s then dictator. He revisits the site of his experiences.
  •  Jerusalem Quarterly has this article about books looted from private Palestinian libraries, now labelled ‘AP’ (abandoned property), in the National Jewish Library and how they may be linked to their former owners.
  • This review on Jadaliyya considers what Primo Levi might have made of the killings of Osama bin Laden and Muammar Gaddafi.
  • The Archival Platform brings us a feature from about a collection on postcards held in the LA museum of the Holocaust: ‘After arriving by cattle car at Auschwitz, many Jews were handed   postcards, with the uniform message thoughtfully prepared by the Nazis. ‘Things are going well and we are enjoying ourselves,’ the prisoner wrote. They added their signatures and the addresses of relatives still in ghettos or labor camps, thus lulling the others into the belief that they had nothing to fear when their turn for deportation to the east arrived.’
  • And from The Guardian, a positive story about football transcending ethnic divisions.

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