Sikhs Commemorate 1984 Massacre

By SONJA DECHIAN | Published: NOVEMBER 3, 2011

November 1st marked the 27th anniversary of the Anti-Sikh Riots in northern India. Over four days in 1984 more than 2000 Sikhs were killed in violent riots that followed the assassination of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards. Last year, five Sikh high priests declared that the riots should be referred to as ‘Sikh genocide.’

In India Today, journalists who witnessed the riots recall what they saw: ‘The massacre continued for two long days in houses on either side of a bylane. The killers were so exact and meticulous that they did not even hurry with their job, just took their time to rape, murder and torture them between meals.’

The Times of India reported ‘family members remember each detail of the violence that took away their fathers, brothers, sons and husbands.’

Congress Leader Sajjan Kumar is currently on trial for inciting rioters to kill. India Today has previously reported that Kumar denied provoking rioters with anti-Sikh slogans like, ‘Ek bhi sardar jinda nahi bachna chaiye. Jo ghar sardaron ka bachha hai, usse bhi jala do. In sardaron ko maro inhone hamari maa ko mara hain. (Not even a single Sikh should be left alive. Burn their houses. These Sikhs have killed our mother).’

Earlier this year, Human Rights Watch called on the Indian Government to bring those responsible to justice.

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