Working Papers Repository

Paper No. 1

“What Kind of History for What Kind of Citizen?”
January 2014

Authored by Michelle Bellino, Harvard University and Reviewed by Dr. Peter Seixas, University of British Columbia

Paper No. 2

“Transitional Justice and Addressing the History of Active Conflicts: The Case of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”
April 2014

Authored by Dr. Rafi Nets-Zehngut

Paper No. 3

“The ‘Vitality’ of Death: Biopolitics and State Violence in Rural Colombia”
June 2014

Authored by Heidi Andrea Restrepo Rhodes and Reviewed by Diana Marcela Gómez Correal

Paper No. 4

“Opening Up or Closing the Historical Dialogue: The Role of Civil Society in Promoting a Debate About the Past”
August 2014

Authored by Caterina Bonara, Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences

Paper No. 5

“The Ambivalence of Forgiveness: Dirk Coetzee, Eugene de Kock, and South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission”
January 2015

Authored by Derek Charles Catsam, University of Texas of the Permian Basin

Paper No. 6

The Process of Collective Memory Formation: Bridging the Divide Between Ancient and Modern Societies
May 2015

Authored by Mark A. Wolfgram, Oklahoma State University

Paper No. 7

My Rude Awakening
October 2015

Authored by Gonca Sönmez-Poole

Paper No. 8

Gjakmarrja as Conflict, the Potential for Informal Peace Education, and Transforming Attitudes in Albania
March 2016

Authored by Danielle J. Korngold, Institute of International Education

Paper No. 9

Andrićgrad: Hijacking Memories And The New Serb Identity
June 2016

Authored by Hikmet Karčić, Institute for Islamic Tradition of Bosniaks

Paper No. 10

Confronting European Official History: Postwar Rewritings of Robinson Crusoe as an Act of Collective Memory
October 2016

Authored by Ioana Andreescu, School for High Studies in Social Sciences (EHESS, Paris)

Paper No. 11

The Role of Turkish Cinema in Collective Memory Formation Regarding the Cyprus Question
December 2016

Authored by Duygu Alpan Cakmak

Paper No. 12

Creating Safety, Finding Voice, and Remembering: Local NGOs Work Towards Dealing with Cambodia’s Legacies Through Non-Judicial and Social Processes of Dialogue and Restoring Cultural Memory
April 2017

Authored by Ross Westoby

Paper No. 13

Revisited Pasts: Memory and Agency in Intractable Conflicts
August 2017

Authored by Sarah Goldwasser

Paper No. 14

The Rhetoric of Buried Testimony: Memory and Absence from the Warsaw Ghetto
July 2018

Paper No. 15

The Normalization of Political Violence in History Textbooks: Ten Narrative Keys
March 2019
Authored by  Angela Bermudez