MHDP: Affiliated Researchers

Below are a list of researchers affiliated with the Mapping Historical Dialogue Project. Affiliated researchers are committed contributors to the mapping project and related research initiatives. If you are interested in becoming an affiliated researcher, please e-mail us (!

Alison Atkinson, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Anita Bakshi, Rutgers University, United States
Saira Bano Orakzai, University of Peshawar, Pakistan
Ulrike Capdepon-Busies, Columbia University, United States
Carla De Ycaza, Columbia University, United States
Rosario Figari-Layus, Philipps University Marburg, Germany
Dimitris Kousoris, University of Vienna, Austria
Rousbeh Legatis, IPS Interpress Service, Colombia
Oriol Lopez Badell, EUROM/University of Barcelona, Spain
Yoceline Martin, Ateneo de Manila University, Phillipines
Munini Mutuku, National Cohesion and Integration Commission, Kenya
Golnar Nabizadeh, University of Western Australia, Australia
Claudia Sbuttoni, Columbia University, United States
Nina Schneider, University of Cologne, Germany
Maja Stilling, Columbia University, United States
Jill Strauss, New Borough of Manhattan Community College, United States
Jessica Taylor, Columbia University, United States