Human Rights activist, journalist and AHDA alumnus, Murat Celikkan, released from Turkish prison

Human rights advocate, journalist Murat Çelikkan was released on Saturday (October 21).

Çelikkan was sentenced to 1 year and 6 months in prison for participating in the Editors-in-Chief on Watch campaign for Özgür Gündem daily, that was closed through a statutory decree issued under the State of Emergency.

He entered Kırklareli Prison on August 14, and was transferred to open prison on October 14.

Following his transfer, his attorneys submitted a motion requesting that he be released on probation.
About Murat Çelikkan

He has been working as a reporter, editor, columnist and editor-in-chief during his 25-year journalism life.

He has actively taken part in the human rights movement; he founded the Human Rights Association, Amnesty International Turkey, Helsinki Citizens’ Association and took place in the board of directors. He worked on projects concerning the Kurdish question and media ethics.

He is the director at Truth, Justice, Memory Center of which he is among the founders. For the full article, click here.