CFP: “Digitization of Memories of Conflict ” 3-4 March, 2016 Lund University, Sweden (Deadline: November 15, 2015)

Virtual Zones of Peace and Conflict
Workshop 3
“Digitization of Memories of Conflict ”
3-4 March, 2016
Lund University, Sweden
Call for papers

Together with our partners the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) and Peace & Conflict Studies at Lund University, Sweden, the Centre for Resolution of International Conflicts (CRIC) is organising a three-part exploratory workshop series “Virtual Zones of Peace and Conflict” which is intended to foster and enhance collaboration between international peace scholars located in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. We invite you to submit paper proposals for presentation at this workshop. Our third workshop in this series will focus on memory, conflict and the politics of memory in digital contexts.

Increasingly people deposit their memories instantly in cyberspace, selfies, photos on instagram, video recordings on YouTube or elaborate annual personal overviews on facebook. For example Syrian refugees often have meticulously documented their treacherous travels into Europe using social media, smartphones and digital cameras. Other historical events now are covered in elaborate digital archives. This workshop deals with digitization and the construction of memory within the context of peace & conflict. What does virtual space offer in terms of depositing memories and what exactly are digital memories of events ? What is the difference between digital war memorials vis-à-vis physical war memorials? How have interconnectivity and on-line availability of a plethora of visuals, art and creative expressions influenced the way we remember crisis events collectively ? With the availability to digitally deposit and record experiences of war, humanitarian crises, how can these methods be employed to memorialize conflict and establish memorials? The digitization of war memory also has potential legal implications. This workshop intends to explore how audiovisual material uploaded as on-line archive can serve as legal evidence in future war crimes tribunals.

We invite proposals for papers: send an abstract of approximately 250-300 words to

DEADLINE for submission of abstracts is November 15, 2015 !

Notifications of acceptance of papers will be sent January 10, 2016