CFP: War and Sexual Violence (Deadline: December 15, 2015)

CFP: War and Sexual Violence
Deadline: December 15, 2015

The Ancient Greeks are reported to have believed that war is the „father of all things“, yet among its many byproducts and impacts it entails above all destruction in almost every possible way. War is responsible for countless number of deaths throughout human history, but it is also responsible for traumatic experiences that to some may be considered worse than death itself. An often hidden yet ever present element of warfare in human history is sexual violence. Sexual violence in all its forms and victimologies have accompanied and shaped war, its aftermath, the soldier and society in ways that must be further explored by scholarship. This conference intends to contribute important scholarship to the debate by bringing an interdisciplinary group of scholars together to assess and discuss the myriad ways war and sexual violence intersect. Some topics of the interrelationship between war and sexual violence have been more researched than others, yet many more topics must be further addressed.

The planned conference will be held at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, at 365 5th Avenue in New York City (Corner of 34th Street and 5th Avenue) on April 28-29, 2016. The intent is to assemble a program without chronological or methodological limits, with both global and regional perspectives on war and sexual violence. Proposals might deal with, but are not limited to, the following general topics:

–    War, Sexual Violence and Gender
–    Rape Warfare
–    Sexual Violence in the Military
–    Sexual Violence as Military strategy
–    Victims and Perpetrators of Sexual Violence
–    Public Reception of Sexual Violence in War
–    War, Sexual Violence, and Trauma
–    Ethnicity and Sexual Violence in War
–    Law, Sexual Violence, and War
–    The Sociology of Sexual Violence in War
–    The Psychology of Sexual Violence in War
–    The Aftermath and Long-term Impacts of Sexual Violence during War

Proposals (around 300 words) and a short CV should be sent to Sarah K. Danielsson ( and Frank Jacob ( no later than December 15, 2015.