CFP: Symposium: Police Militarization, Peace Review (Deadline: January 15, 2016)

CFP: Symposium: Police Militarization, Peace Review
Deadline: January 15, 2016

Current Call for Submissions
Symposium: Police Militarization

Under the guest editorship of John Lindsay-Poland from the American Friends Service Committee’s Wage Peace ProgramPeace Review: A Journal of Social Justice is dedicating part of issue 28(2) to examine police militarization.

We invite essays that address the origins, drivers, and dynamics of police militarization, as well as resistance to it and prospective alternatives. How is police militarization manifested in funding flows, training, recruitment, equipment, surveillance, mission, and oversight mechanisms? What are the local, national and international dimensions? What is the relationship of militarization with racism, patterns or incidents of abuses, drug policy, and with the ‘policization’ of militaries? Who benefits in the private sector and how? How are communities working to stem militarization? What are the prospects for alternative models, such as community defense? Essays may address historical influences, gender aspects, militarization of police in other nations or the United States, of local, state, and national police, of contract law enforcement personnel, border forces, prison guards, and other institutions’ police. Much important research and analysis of police militarization has been done. We are especially interested in essays that, while referencing and building on established work, offer new findings and insights grounded in specific data and experience.

Interested writers should submit essays (2500-3500 words) and 1-2 line bio to Peace Review no later than 5:00PM PST on January 15, 2016.  Essays should be jargon- and footnote-free, although we will run Recommended Readings. Please refer to the Submission Guidelines.

We publish essays on ideas and research in peace studies, broadly defined. Essays are relatively short (2500-3500 words), contain no footnotes or exhaustive bibliography, and are intended for a wide readership. The journal is most interested in the cultural and political issues surrounding conflicts occurring between nations and peoples.

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