CFA: Alliance for Historical Dialogue Fellowship Program (NEW Deadline: March 15, 2015)

Alliance for Historical Dialogue Fellowship Program
Fall 2015 (September 2, 2015 –December 18, 2015)
Application deadline: March 15, 2015

The Institute for the Study of Human Rights (ISHR) at Columbia University is now accepting applications to its residence Fellowship for Historical Dialogue and Accountability. Practitioners of historical dialogue and accountability from conflict, post-conflict and post-dictatorial societies will have the opportunity to engage in training, networking, project work, academic and applied study. The comprehensive program provides Fellows with the opportunity to hone practical skills in fundraising, advocacy and leadership, to develop a deeper understanding of dealing with the past, and to foster mutually beneficial relationships with their peers and with international and non-profit organizations in New York City and Washington, DC.

The Program is designed for NGO practitioners, journalists, lawyers, teachers, social workers, community organizers, and others working on issues including (but not limited to) transitional justice, truth and reconciliation, historical conflict, indigenous and minority rights, social accountability, memory studies, oral history, sites of memory and related areas where historical dialogue is a central component. Preference will be given to those who can demonstrate an established work record of several years relating to historical dialogue and accountability.

Both fully funded and partially funded fellowships are available.
More details can be found at the AHDA Fellowship page.
You can register and begin the application by clicking here.