CFP: Nordic responses to the Holocaust (12/15)

Call for Submissions: Nordic responses to the Holocaust and WWII

The Scandinavian-Canadian Studies journal is planning a special themed volume in 2015 on Nordic responses to the Holocaust and WWII. Historically, each of the Nordic countries occupied a unique political position during the war years: Denmark and Norway were invaded and occupied by Nazi Germany; Iceland and the Faroe Islands were invaded and occupied by Great Britain, with American troops taking over the defense of Iceland shortly thereafter; Finland collaborated with Nazi Germany; and Sweden claimed neutrality. The persecution, deportation, and murder of the Jews also differed in each location. In the immediate post-war years, the way each country confronted and presented its past also varied.  Narratives of resistance, for example, continue to be part of the national image of many Nordic countries, the most well known of these being the rescue of Danish Jews by boat to Sweden and the work of the Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg.  Recent scholarship and memorial projects have begun to challenge some of the tidy narratives that developed in the decades following the war, highlighting the failures to accept to Jewish refugees fleeing other countries or the ambiguities of collaboration under occupation. In addition, Holocaust Studies today provides a platform to discuss issues of racism and to promote human rights education, and is often tied into multicultural education. This volume seeks to address a wide range of topics including Holocaust and WWII history, cultural responses to the Shoah or WWII, Nordic memorialization projects, the plight of Jewish citizens or refugees during the war or in the immediate post-war period, and the ways in which the past is negotiated in the present, particularly in the realm of education. Article submissions could focus on one specific country or could take a comparative approach.

Proposals are due on December 15, 2014. Final submissions should be sent no later than March 15, 2015 to Helga Thorson at All submissions will undergo the journal’s usual blind peer review process.