Read the fourth issue of the bulletin through ACCESSION towards JUSTICE, published by the Humanitarian Law Center.

Eric Gordy, Professor at University College London, writes about the importance of knowing and understanding the events from the past. In his opinion, these processes are important for the democratization of the society and for the European perspective of the states striving towards the membership in the EU. He also alleges that the sluggishness of the education system greatly contributed to the fact that majority still does not know what really happened during the wars on the territory of the former Yugoslavia. Education is a topic that Marijana Toma, the Deputy Director of HLC, also writes about in another article. She alleges that education is an important component of the process of dealing with the past and the development of a stable democratic state.

And, at the end, there are columns in the Bulletin offering an overview of events and war crimes trials in the period following May 1st, 2014.

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