News Round Up: Reconciliation

News Round Up: Reconciliation

By SONJA DECHIAN | Published: NOVEMBER 26, 2011

This weekend’s round up features recent articles from across the web that reach beyond the facts and figures that are often the subject of news, to focus on the realities and challenges of reconciliation:

– The New York Times has a piece about war crime forensics providing both evidence for court cases and the possibility of closure for families.

– Lateline, on ABC TV, examines reconciliation and justice in Rwanda.

– And on Balkan Insight, an in-depth discussion about the possibility of reconciliation and peaceful coexistence in the Balkans. ‘To name victims, testify in public, listen to the voices of survivors; this will help to build a culture of understanding between societies. We always point to the number, but it is important to have the names and the stories.’

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