Khmer Rouge Genocide Trial Begins

Khmer Rouge Genocide Trial Begins

By SONJA DECHIAN | Published: NOVEMBER 21, 2011

The trial of three senior members of the Khmer Rouge is set to begin in Cambodia this week. The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia will today hear opening statements in Case 002. Former Khmer Rouge head of state Khieu Samphan, deputy leader, Nuon Chea and foreign minister Ieng Sary face charges of crimes against humanity, and genocide. All three deny the accusations.

A fourth defendant, former social affairs minister  Leng Thirith has been deemed unfit for trial after she was diagnosed with dementia. Prosecutors have appealed this decision and Leng Thirith will remain in detention until the court has ruled on the appeal.

The UN-backed court has faced criticism of late, including allegations of corruption, political interference and judicial incompetence.

The Khmer Rouge ruled Cambodia from 1975 to 1979 and were  responsible for the deaths of two million Cambodians during this period.

Survivors and supporters held a remembrance ceremony in Phnom Penh yesterday to honor the spirits of the dead and call for justice.

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