News Round Up: Visual History, Libraries and Urban Imagination

News Round Up: Visual History, Libraries and Urban Imagination

By SONJA DECHIAN | Published: NOVEMBER 18, 2011

A quick round up of art and culture news from around the world this week:

  • Following on last week’s commemoration of Remembrance Day, The Guardian reports on a collaboration by 12 European libraries to digitize more than 400,000 First World War source materials from their archives. The project, Remembering the First World War, is expected to be completed by 2014.
  • Balkan Insight visits the (Re)collecting Mostar project, developed by a group of young people in the Bosnian city, Mostar. ‘The project involves a series of exhibitions, lectures, and workshops, culminating in Urban Imaginarij/Urban Imagination an exhibition in which the public has a chance to access the archive of ‘unwritten history’ of Mostar.’ Visit the exhibition’s home page here.
  • Also in The Guardian this week, award winning photographer Pieter Hugo’s new book ‘Rwanda 2004: Vestiges of Genocide.’
  • And the New York Times reports LA’s Shoah Visual History Foundation is expanding its mission to incorporate testimonies from mass atrocities other than the Holocaust. The article raises questions about the ‘historical uniqueness’ of the Holocaust, and the importance of the ‘integrity of memory’.

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