Netherlands to Prosecute Genocide Suspects

By SONJA DECHIAN | Published: NOVEMBER 15, 2011

The Netherlands is likely to extend the time limit for extending and prosecuting genocide.

Under current law in the Netherlands, foreigners suspected of international crimes committed before October 1, 2003, cannot be prosecuted unless the crime was committed against a Dutch citizen. Hundreds of foreigners accused of atrocities are believed to have come to the Netherlands seeking safe haven from prosecution. quotes head of the Genocide Fugitive Tracking Unity, Jean Bosco Siboyintore: ‘We have so far identified more than 30 Rwandan Genocide suspects living in the Netherlands, we are in touch with our Dutch counterparts and once this bill becomes law, these fugitives will be prosecuted with the deserved crime they are suspected to have committed in 1994.’

The bill will now be considered by the senate.

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